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Over the past seven years, the Rogers Park Young Women’s Action Team (better known as YWAT) has been been addressing violence in the lives of girls in Chicago.

Back in 2006, we were lucky to have a group of students from Depaul University work with us to develop our original website.  We loved that site and have kept it for the past four years.  However in the last couple of years as our membership has changed, we have found it more difficult to keep up with updating the site.  It was created through Joomla and only a couple of our members are proficient.   Therefore the burden was always on them to keep our site relevant and updated.

Now with the advent of WordPress, we have found it much easier to create blogs and websites.  We are taking advantage of this moment in time to create a new site that will archive most of our work from the past 7 years. This is a work in progress and we don’t plan to be done with this site until the end of the year.  We hope that readers will be patient with us as we upload materials and experiment with the look of the site.

We hope that this site will be useful to other youth-led groups across the country.  Welcome!


About YWAT

The YWAT is a youth-led, adult-supported social change project that empowers women to take action on issues that affect their lives (particularly issues of violence against girls and young women). The YWAT believes that girls and young women should be free from violence. We believe that through collective action, consciousness-raising, and organizing we can end violence against girls and young women.
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