YWAT’s Work is Featured in Holly Kearl’s New Book!

Writer and activist Holly Kearl has written a new book called Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe & Welcoming for Women (August 2010).

YWAT’s work is featured in the book.  Thanks to Holly for highlighting our CTA campaign!

CTA's "If It's Unwanted, It's Harassment Campaign" Came About As A Result Of YWAT's Research & Activism

Pick up a copy of the book.  It’s excellent!


About YWAT

The YWAT is a youth-led, adult-supported social change project that empowers women to take action on issues that affect their lives (particularly issues of violence against girls and young women). The YWAT believes that girls and young women should be free from violence. We believe that through collective action, consciousness-raising, and organizing we can end violence against girls and young women.
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One Response to YWAT’s Work is Featured in Holly Kearl’s New Book!

  1. HollyKearl says:

    Hi YWAT,
    Just found your new site and saw this – thanks for the shoutout! I’m doing a bunch of campus talks and I’m always talking about your work as examples of great community activism. I hope we can collaborate on a talk or event in Chicago sometime. Maybe in the spring?

    Keep up the AMAZING work!!!

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