General Resources

Over the past few years, YWAT has created and developed a number of resources. We will include the ones that do not fall under our youth-led participatory action research projects in this section.  In addition, we have partnered with and sponsored several events that have generated other information that we will share here.

YWAT Annual Reports & Newsletters

FY07 YWAT Annual Report

FY08 Annual YWAT Report

YWAT Newsletter 2006

Reports That Feature YWAT’s Work

At a Crossroads: Youth Organizing in the Midwest by Melissa Spatz

Communities Engaged in Resisting Violence – full report by Ann Russo & Melissa Spatz

Status of Girls in Illinois — Executive Summary

Books that Feature YWAT’s Work

Dolgon, C. & Baker, C. (2010). Social Problems: A Service Learning Approach

Kearl, Holly (2010). Stop Street Harassment:Making Public Places Safe & Welcoming for Women

Ochoa, M. & Ige, B. K. (2008). Shout Out: Women of Color Respond to Violence

Schaffner, Laurie (2006). Girls in Trouble with the Law.

Social Change & Activism Resources Developed by YWAT

A Glossary of the Most Common Forms of Activism

Awareness and Change Handout


Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence – We have a curriculum unit in this guide to help youth understand the root causes of sexism


Map for Social Transformation — Street Harassment as Case Study

Organizing a Successful Workshop


Techniques for Running an Effective Meeting

Tips for Effective Presentations by Mariame Kaba

YWAT Leadership Development Philosophy

Social Change and Activism Resources Developed by Others that Have Been Really Helpful to YWAT’s Work

Creating Grassroots Movements for Change: A Field Manual by the Alliance of Youth Movements

Freechild Project Youth Engagement Workshop Guide by Adam Fletcher (October 2010)

Pink Bloque Campaign Chart

Social Power Inventory

Staying Power: Sustaining Youth-Led Projects For the Long Haul by the Youth Leadership Institute

YELL Youth-Led Research Curriculum

Using Hip Hop to Empower Girls

We hosted two workshops in 2007 with Dr. Carla Stokes who shared her experience with us about how to use hip hop to empower other young women.  We will share some of the resources from those workshops with you below.

YWAT Members with Dr. Stokes (October 27, 2007)

Article by Dr. Stokes about Using Hip Hop with Young Women

Workshop Packet Information

Other Resources

We invited Dr. Jody Miller to Chicago in May 2008 to present a workshop based on her book “Getting Played: African American Girls, Urban Inequality and Gendered Violence.”  We organized this event as a fundraiser for our “sister” organization the Young Women’s Empowerment Project (

Below is a powerpoint of Dr. Miller’s excellent presentation.
Getting Played Presentation

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