Here you will find some of our resources, reports, and evaluation tools that were developed for GLC and GLU. We are disseminating these resources and encourage everyone to use them as they see fit. We only ask that you please credit YWAT if you do use the materials.

Members of 2006 Girls' Leadership Camp

Girl Leadership U Resources

The following is a recruitment pamphlet that YWAT created and used for our 2008 Leadership U:
GLU Pamphlet

The following is a copy of the results of our evaluations of the 2006 Girls’ Leadership Camp:
2006 GLC Evaluation Summary

The following is a copy of our final evaluation of the 2008 Leadership U. This was conducted in partnership with Loyola University’s Center for Urban Research & Learning (CURL):

This is a copy of the pre-test that YWAT partnered with CURL to create:
Evaluation for 2008 GLU (Pre-Test)

This is a copy of the post-test that YWAT partnered with CURL to create:
Evaluation for 2008 GLU (Post Test)

The following is a copy of the session evaluations:
Session Evaluation

The following is a copy of the workbook for the First session of the 2008 GLU:
Course Workbook 1[1].08 -YWAT Session I

The following is a copy of the Advocacy Training conducted by Tracy Fischman for the May 2008 session:
Powerpoint Presentation for Advocacy Session (May 2008)

The following are some of the pieces of writing that were produced by GLC members over the years:

When I look in the mirror (3/06)


I am not going to be silent no more (6/06)

We have used many other resources over the years in our Leadership Camps. Over the next few months, we plan to compile all of the resources and will post them here. Stay tuned for that!

Social Change & Activism Resources Developed by YWAT

A Glossary of the Most Common Forms of Activism

Awareness and Change Handout



Map for Social Transformation — Street Harassment as Case Study

Organizing a Successful Workshop


Social Power Inventory

Techniques for Running an Effective Meeting

Tips for Effective Presentations by Mariame Kaba

YWAT Leadership Development Philosophy

Social Change and Activism Resources Developed by Others that Have Been Really Helpful to YWAT’s Work

Creating Grassroots Movements for Change: A Field Manual by the Alliance of Youth Movements

Freechild Project Youth Engagement Workshop Guide by Adam Fletcher (October 2010)

Pink Bloque Campaign Chart

Social Power Inventory

Staying Power: Sustaining Youth-Led Projects For the Long Haul by the Youth Leadership Institute

YELL Youth-Led Research Curriculum

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